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  • What are the binary options?
    An option is a contract which gives the right but not the obligation to buy or sell any asset, the asset is a currency pair.

  • How to start working with the Stendex?
    To get started You need to register account and sign in to your personal account.

  • How do I start earning?
    Sign in and You will be redirected to your account. On the main page You need to choose any available option and follow the instructions.

  • Can I increase income?
    Yes, we actively encourage regular participants of our affiliate program. With the details You can see in the personal Cabinet in the section "Bonus".

  • How can I get my earnings?
    You need to order payment. Enter the desired amount and request payment. Ordered payments are made manually 2 times a month.
    Please note: before submitting payment all invoices will be checked!

  • I found a bug in the system - whether it is possible to use it?
    Any system is not perfect. If you find a bug, please report it via the ticket system. Using bugs for your own benefit is strictly prohibited!

  • Is it possible to register using my own referral link?
    It is possible, but it is strictly prohibited! Each account is checked manually and we checking not only IP address but also other parameters(OS version, language, screen resolution, etc.)

  • Why did I receive a smaller amount than ordered?
    This is probably due to the fact that Your referrals were not quite fair activities, and the percentage of their earnings were not taken into account.

  • How can I change my details?
    Details and payment system can be easily changed in the settings section of Your account.

  • Why the balance should not be less than $25?

  • What details must be provided?
    In billing You can choose convenient for You payment system and fill in the details and begin work.

    If You do not find here the answer to your question – please contact support.

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